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The most effective method of:

- identifying driver risk
- meeting Health & Safety requirements.

HSTTS Online Driver Profiling training system are an extremely effective method of assessing the company driver . Where a driver has been identified as a potential risk,  Online Driver Profiling training can help resolve the issues identified. This is by far the most efficient and effective method of identifying driver risk and meeting vital health and safety requirements. The preferred Online Driver Profiling training system used by HSTTS is unique in that it has been developed by qualified fleet driver training specialists.


The assessment takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and is in four parts.

  arrows  Attitude  arrows  Knowledge  arrows  Observation  arrows  Hazard Perception


Attitude Question

Knowlege Question 



The driver will be asked 12 multiple choice questions to determine their attitude towards driving.


The driver will be shown an image and asked 12 multiple choice questions to determine their  knowledge of the Highway Code and other driving matters.


The driver will be shown 12 road scenes and asked a multiple choice question to determine their observational skills.

Hazard Perception:

The driver will be shown a road scene for a number of seconds, in this section they must ONLY click on the CLUE to a potential hazard NOT an actual hazard, e.g. if the road scene has a car approaching, this is an actual hazard but if it had a school sign, this is a clue to what might be ahead, this is the clue to the hazard.



On completion of the assessment the results will be forwarded to The Fleet manager, who will decide on further training methods, if any, which the driver may require. The Driver will also receive immediate feedback from the system, highlighting areas for further development.


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