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Benefits of our Tracking Services:
•    Increased profits - more efficiency & control
•    Happy & safe workforce
•    Paperless & quicker administration

H&S Transport Training Solutions Tracking enables  you to maximise the productivity of your employees and ultimately your business.

Our real time fleet vehicle tracking solution gives fleet managers access to the location of each and every one of their vehicles where they are going, how fast they are travelling and how far away they are from their next customer.

Through the use of the tracking fleet management system, businesses gain information that will help them reduce costs. For example, by highlighting where a shorter route could have been taken by a driver and ensuring that the shorter route is always taken when possible going forward. Companies can save money on fuel and ensure that they are getting maximum performance from drivers throughout their working day.

Add to this solutions which can eliminate unauthorised vehicle use and engine idling and businesses have a fleet management system which will greatly improve remote working efficiencies and enhance productivity across the entire fleet.

These tangible benefits of fleet vehicle tracking not only help a company work more productively but also ensure better customer satisfaction. By operating a more efficient workforce, businesses can complete more jobs, visit more sites or make more deliveries in a day, this means they can not only meet but exceed expectations.


HSTTS Tracking In Action

Tracking Dashboard

Dashboard showing vehicle usage, distance driven and site visits

Large Map View

Large map view showing vehicle location, status, speed and direction travelling.

Vehicel Usage Chart

Chart showing vehicle usage

Reports of fleet vehicles

Run reports for any driver or a fleet of vehicles, obtain information such as journey distance, arrival times, speeds travelled, site visits, mileage, out of hours use etc.

Why Use a Tracking Device?

Our mobile workforce solutions and vehicle tracking allows you to:

  arrows  Manage your customers

  arrows  Replace paper in the field with smart phones making the whole process electronic - some people call it ‘sign on the screen’

  arrows  Track your fleet, jobs & work force


This results in:

  arrows   Improved Productivity

  arrows   Reduced Services Costs

  arrows   Better Driver and Lone Worker Safety

  arrows   Faster Response Times

  arrows   Improved Customer Service

  arrows   Reduced Administration

  arrows   Shorter Time to Invoice

  arrows  Increased Profits


So what's the Deal?

  arrows   Hardware provided Free of Charge

  arrows   Simple Low Cost

  arrows   Easy Manage Monthly Subscription

  arrows   Free De and Re-installation Service

  arrows   Web Based Platform accessible from and PC

  arrows   Integrates with Exisiting Systems

  arrows   National Support Network

  arrows   No Hosting Charges

  arrows  Regular Updates and Upgrades

  arrows  100% Data Integrity




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